Fintech Opportunity – Jumpstart Micro Offers Shares

Fintech Opportunity – Jumpstart Micro Offers Shares


All companies need capital to grow and prosper. So, we’re excited to release the details of our own Regulation D Private Placement to raise money and build Jumpstart Micro – an approved Title III equity crowdfunding portal – into the Fintech market leader of our dreams.

“We’re pleased to be part of the rapidly-growing Fintech industry that’s taking the early stage investment world by storm,” comments Stephen Catanzano, CEO of Jumpstart Micro, “and we look forward to bringing entrepreneurs and investors together like never before. We have a vision of creating a supportive, effective online community that works well on both sides of the equation. Start up seed investment is what drives our country and our workforce. We’re ready to roll.”


Jumpstart Micro is poised for rapid growth. We maintain a low overhead. And, we’re ready to show the world just how Title III really works. In 2015, the Title III JOBS ACT was approved. We began to work through the regulatory and technology process to address the requirements. On May 16, 2016, we were among a handful of U.S. companies approved by the SEC and FINRA to launch our investment portal. By managing the development process well and using our strong IT background, we developed an asset along the way – the Jumpstart Micro Fintech platform.

A win-win, collaborative process for everyone involved

On this platform, based upon the new Title III JOBS ACT and equity crowdfunding rules, now everyone – not just accredited investors – can invest in small, private companies. Talk about a target audience. Jumpstart Micro now has an investment pool of more than 240 million American adults.

Catanzano continues: “Entrepreneurs on Jumpstart Micro can offer debt or equity to investors. They can raise up to $1M per year. For many of these innovators, the value of equity crowdfunding goes beyond getting an investment. Investors also become customers and brand ambassadors.”

Unlike most Title III competitors, Jumpstart Micro is focusing on technology differentiation. As the market matures, we can leverage our technology as a competitive advantage. We provide scale, efficiency, and cost controls. For those looking for alternative investment vehicles, or to support entrepreneurs, the Jumpstart Micro community is a great resource to find exciting ventures based on interests, geographic location, or even alma mater. As a Fintech company, we’re also building tools to manage investments as a “micro” investment portfolio and focusing on mobile investing.

At Jumpstart Micro, we have a big vision:

  1. To bring U.S. startup investing to all type of investors worldwide;
  2. To deliver high-quality digital marketing services to entrepreneurs so investors will know their offerings exist and see the value of investing in their company from Day One; and
  3. To build Jumpstart Micro into the largest, most effective network of investors and entrepreneurs on the planet.

Every entrepreneur and every investor is important

Our aim is to drive a high valuation and return on investment to Jumpstart Micro investors. To that end, we’re raising $1.5M in a Regulation D Offering to accredited and institutional investors. A majority of the funds are allocated toward additional technology development and marketing. Our superior technology is what enables the magic to happen. But, without the proper digital marketing to back up each deal, the whole investment process falters. Both are key to entrepreneurial success, especially in the Fintech sector.

Instead of simply sending out investment materials, we’d like to have a conversation with you and share our vision and approach. We’re at the beginning of an amazing journey and are looking for some investors to join us.

Never stop exploring. Invest in Jumpstart Micro so other entrepreneurs and investors, including you, can prosper.

Stephen Catanzano, CEO, Jumpstart Micro
Boston, Massachusetts

To review the details of our offering, visit

To email Steve with your questions:

To sign up for a private conversation with Steve, select a date and time here.

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