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The American JOBS ACT has created a new opportunity which we are excited to bring to you.  Whether you are an Entrepreneur, future Entrepreneur, Investor or vendor with a service to offer, we welcome you to a unique community.  The JOBS ACT opens the door for 58 million Americans to now invest in startup companies.  Previously, this was restricted to only “accredited investors” which are high net worth individuals with $1,000,000 net worth or $200,000 in annual income.  Collectively the 58 million new investors represents more than $200 Billion in new possible investments.  This has the potential to be a massive stimulus package for small businesses.

Having been entrepreneurs we understand what it takes to move an idea from a concept to a successful business and have created what we believe is an environment conducive to foster success.  The JOBS ACT is designed to create JOBS and stimulate the U.S. economy with innovation.  We are thrilled to be a part of this revolution.  Both to help create new jobs and more importantly to see what new innovation may be created.  Who knows, we might just uncover the next big thing. 

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