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Like and share what you see? - Mar 12, 2017 14:14:18
Hi Charles -- great concept! What\'s the minimum number of users/players MBFFL will need to get the season underway?
    MBFFL - Mar 12, 2017 20:42:59
David, thank you for the compliment. We are excited to get the 2017 season underway. As far as the number of users needed to get the season underway, 1 complete bracket is 65,536 entries. This is not individual users, but rather entries. if 6,553 individual users each purchase 10 entries, we will still have 1 complete bracket. What is exciting is that one of our major marketing strategies if a venture with CBS radio, where we will heavily market in 5 major, fantasy football friendly markets over a 4 month period. In speaking with CBS radio affiliate in Boston, they seemed confident that each market should deliver over 100,000 users with the type of campaign that we will be rolling out. They were also excited, as they were the station that Fan Duel first advertised with, and they know the market inside out, as well as what works and what does not. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire within. Take care! Charles
  alanjacobson - Feb 19, 2017 12:38:29
Hi. At the very least you have one more customer here, plus others I know who I think would enjoy this - great concept! I have three questions: 1. Where did all that cash on hand come from if you have had no revenue. Those are great numbers and I\'m curious to understand them. Second, given the immense pressure to get people signed up by week one, do you have any plans for games that would appeal to those who miss that deadline? Perhaps a playoffs version, or second half of the season version? Finally, if you were to roll out a version of your concept that was for other sports would investors here automatically get a piece of that too? Thanks!
    MBFFL - Feb 22, 2017 22:42:13
We are delighted to accept you into the MBFFL family. Regarding the beginning and year end cash flow numbers, the way the columns are reflected, it appears as if the cash flow numbers are for 2015, 2016 and 2017. In actuality, the first column is for 2017, the middle column is for 2018, and the last column is for 2019.

We have no plans in the 1st year of play (2017) to have games that would appeal to those missing our deadline. However, keep in mind that MBFFL is a social media platform as well, which allows users to interact with the fantasy football community as a whole, receive real time player stats, team scores, etc....Further, based on the number of users that have sign up for the bracket league prior to September 1st each year, we can then determine how many brackets we can deploy. We do have game play already developed to allow users who sign up after the season has begun to play. However, we are not instituting this with our initial release as this crosses the line into true DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), in which a handful of states have restricted. The States that have restricted DFS have a softer position on yearly or season long fantasy sports, which is how we have positioned MBFFL, as a season long fantasy football league with a social media user interface. If you invest you will become an investor in MBFFL™.

As a MBFFL™ investor you receive 3 benefits as described on our JSM site: • Benefit 1: A "Promise to Pay" Profit Sharing o Once the Company reaches a $2 million net profit reserve, the holders of Preferred Shares will, as a group, be entitled to receive seventy-five percent (75%) of any and all quarterly net cash flows generated by the business in excess of that $2 million reserve, i.e. dividends. Preferred shareholders will continue to receive 75% of quarterly net cash flows until each of the preferred shareholders have received an aggregate amount of dividends equal to ten times (10x) their initial investment. • Benefit 2: Ownership in the Company through Preferred stock at $100 per share. o If the Company is sold, the Preferred Shareholders will, as a group, be entitled to receive ten percent (10%) of the net proceeds from such sale. • Benefit 3: 2 Free Entries for the 2017 NFL Season on MBFFL ($300 value) o Each entry into the Millionaire bracket is $150. Double your odds on winning the million-dollar challenge in addition to the 10x return on your investment!

So, whatever we do as MBFFL™ you will receive the benefit either through Benefit 1 or Benefit 2. Any new, enhanced or brilliant additions to MBFFL™ would be recognized in the sale price of the Company which is reflected in your Benefit 2. The bigger the sale price the bigger your Benefit 2 percentage.

Thank you for your interest, and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any other questions or concerns. Yours Truly, Charles E. Taylor, CEO

Security Offering


Price per share/unit: $100.00
Min investment amount:  $300
Min % of company: 1.3%
Max % of company: 11.8%

Added Benefit

For each investment of $300, you receive 2 entries into the 2017 League! This is free play for 2017 and a $300 value.

About the Founder

Charles Taylor
Stockbridge, Georgia
I’m an Attorney and NFLPA Certified Sports Agent. Football is my passion! I intend to dedicate all my time to MBFFL to make it a big success!
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