Treycent integrates with Alexa and delivers fast, easy access to online content and services using voice commands and our virtual personal assistant. 60,000+ downloads!

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1Target Customers

Our target customers are both businesses and consumers. The problems we solve relate to anyone with a smartphone, smartwatch or computer who wants faster and easier access to online content and services:

  • Augmented Alexa Skills allowing customers or employees to access services and information specific to the business and by voice

  • Technology that allows customers or employees to easily retrieve documents, videos, web pages and more by voice command

  • A solution to help teams share knowledge more efficiently through shared answers to common questions accessible by voice from any device

  • Apps that support the creation of personal virtual assistants

  • Easily retrieve photos, videos, notes and other personal content using simple voice commands of your choosing like “grocery list” or “show me my to do list”

  • Users can invoke their favorite Alexa Skills and personal IFTTT Recipes to control their smarthome devices from their smartphone, smartwatch or computer

  • Accessing frequently used web pages is a multi-step process that often involves repeatedly searching. Our technology allows users to tag their most frequently used web page with a voice command including social media sites, YouTube videos, internal company sites such as SharePoint, etc. Any URL can be linked to any voice command!

2Voice Technology

We believe that voice technology will continue to grow in popularity and usefulness as it offers the prospect of simplifying our ever more complex, and time consuming, technologies.  The world's tech leaders have recognized this and have given us: Siri, Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Assistant/Home, Cortana and more. However, these technologies are generally highly dependent on the service they're attached to limiting access to the personal or business content that we consume every day. We aim to bridge this gap and make voice tech more useful.

3Command your Device

For businesses, we offer our technology, which augments Alexa Skills, to allow customers and employees to access services or information, specific to the business, by voice from any device. When users ask a question they'll get the usual spoken reply from Alexa and, in addition, will see related visual content such as product web pages so that they can "learn more", "buy now" or take other follow-on actions.

Our technology allows consumers to create their own personal virtual assistant by simply tagging their most frequently accessed content with voice commands of their own choosing. Content can include personal photos, videos, documents, notes, frequently used web pages including social media and music sites, and more. In addition, users can invoke their personal IFTTT Recipes and favorite Alexa Skills. All this from one app. Over time they'll have a personal virtual assistant that knows how to answer general questions as well as how to retrieve their personal content.

For example, users could say:

  • "What's the weather in London?" (public domain) and the Alexa virtual assistant would reply with the answer
  • "Ask the Wine Advisor what wines goes good with fish" (semi-public domain) and the Alexa Wine Advisor Skill would reply (in Alexa’s voice)
  • "Abracadabra" (private domain) to trigger 3 IFTTT Recipes linked to that voice command to turn on lights in your home, set your thermostat temperature, and send a text message
  • "Show me mom's meatloaf recipe" (private domain) to see your note containing that recipe of your mother’s including any related photos or videos
  • "Show me my resume" (private domain) to view your resume on OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, LinkedIn, etc.
  • "Show me inspection photos from May 2015" (private domain) to see corporate team photos from an inspection that occurred on that day
  • "Show me those special selfies from my wife" to see (very private) photos

Note that the private domain questions in the examples above cannot currently be satisfactorily answered by any of the virtual assistants offered by the tech giants. These are of a personal nature and thus crowdsourced (a "crowd" of one).

4Virtual Assistant

Creating a personal virtual assistant occurs one custom voice command at a time like "favorite lunch photos" (to retrieve photos) or "show me my grocery list" (to retrieve a note) or "play workout music" (to load a workout music playlist). And, with our IFTTT integration, create voice commands linked to IFTTT Recipes. For example, let’s say you get home from a long day's work and are ready to chill and you want these 4 things to happen:

All of these can be accomplished individually but, with Treycent, you can link all of these Recipes to the same voice command (i.e. "home mode" or "chill mode" or whatever phrase you like). Speaking that phrase from your smartphone, smartwatch, or computer triggers them all. In addition, you can share voice commands with family members giving them the power to also control these devices and apps by voice command.

You've never had power like this before!

Users will realize the usefulness of Treycent as they become more familiar with it and as more personal content is tagged as it seamlessly accesses content from any website or service with simple spoken questions or phrases.  Here are features and benefits:

Photo/Video retrieval - Searching through hundreds of photos to find one particular photo can be frustrating and time consuming. Treycent lets you instantly access your favorite photos and videos using simple voice commands that you choose.

Quick web access - Load frequently used web pages by voice command. Access your favorite websites with a simple voice command including YouTube or SoundCloud playlists, or your favorite news sites, even company websites - any URL will work!

Alexa compatibility - Users can ask general questions to Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant like "what's the weather in London" or "what's the tallest mountain in Asia". They can also invoke Alexa Skills from their smartphone, smartwatch or computer with questions like "ask the Wine Advisor what wine goes best with fish".

Business benefits - Treycent provides businesses with APIs, apps, and services to support information retrieval by voice command including the creation of Alexa Skills or IFTTT Recipes.

Continued Development

And we're not resting... We're hard at work continuing to evolve our technology. Here are some of our achievements to-date:

We're available.  Our smartphone and smartwatch apps are published, and are currently being distributed through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

And, we're moving the needle.  Since introducing ourselves to the app market, we've accumulated approximately 60,000 downloads from Android alone with minimal marketing.

Steady user growth continues.  We're gaining 30-70 new users per day between all of our available apps.

We're continuing to produce.  Technological development has continued as we add on to our base Android and Apple apps.  We've also developed a Chrome web app that accepts voice commands in the same manner.

5How we see the future

The Android app download count exceeds 60,000 and we will use  new funds to support marketing efforts to raise that number to more than 100,000 within a year.  We will continue development of our technology, Improve server capacity and Initiate B2B sales efforts along with partnering and licensing opportunities.  We believe we can start generating revenue from advertisers very quickly, advance our technology and have a goal of being acquired in the future.  The voice technology space is hot and we have a technology which is proving to be in strong demand.  All 60,000 downloads have come from spending no money or marketing.  

We bring value to consumers in the form of, currently available, Android and iOS smartphone and smartwatch apps that users can use to create their own personal virtual assistants to access public and private content, accomplish tasks, and retrieve information.  In order to effectively reach both consumers, we are seeking a $25,000 capital investment to initiate sales and marketing campaigns, increase server capacity, and improve usability.

3 Key Traction Points:

  • Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • 60,000+ Android downloads
  • 30-70 new users per day with minimal marketing

Target Customer:

  • B2C: smartphone, smartwatch, and computer users
  • B2B: businesses with Alexa Skills or considering a Skill

Use of Funds:  $25,000 for online marketing and B2B sales efforts.  If we raise more, we invest in more marketing and technology development.

Our Revenue Model

With apps of this nature, it's key to be careful not to monetize too early before a critical mass of users is reached. Once we reach at least 100,000 consumer users, we will move forward with the B2B model:

B2C - With download and usage of Treycent apps being 100% free for consumers, we'll lean on in-app digital ad sales as our sole revenue driver on this end. The broad number of things that can be accomplished with our solution opens the door for a huge variety of potential advertisers and sponsors. Advertising deals will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

B2B - At the same time, we'll also jumpstart B2B revenue generation - which has the potential to be lucrative for our company. We will sell augmented Alexa Skills linked to apps in a variety of industries to provide voice access to services and information

6Market Success Stories

Siri, Viv, Ivona and LinguaSys are just a few examples of startups that cashed out big - and all of them started out with technologies that looks very close to ours and now the underlying tech market is growing:  

  • The number of smartphone users worldwide exceeds 2 billion, according to figures from eMarketer. 
  • Data from a Pew Research Center survey found that 92% of smartphone users use their phones to take photos. 
  • A 2016 report from IDC forecasts worldwide shipments of wearables (mainly smartwatches) will surpass 200 million in 2019.
  • In 2016 Statista reported that the number of households with smarthome devices is expected to exceed 80 million by 2021.

And for Voice First tech specifically:

  • Amazon has more than 1,000 people working on Amazon Echo and Alexa.
  • Amazon's Echo Dot was the top selling item on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday 2016.
  • Google Home, a competing product to Echo, sold out at 60% of Target stores during the 2016 holiday season. 
  • Apple is releasing AirPod, their first stand-alone Voice First device. 
  • By 2017 there may be a few 100 million Voice First devices.
  • IFTTT users have created 40 million "recipes" to date (which can be trigger by Treycent voice commands to control devices and apps)

We can't guarantee a future sale of the company, but we are dedicated to it's success and believe an opportunity will present itself.

7More on Our Technology

Consumers have an ever-increasing amount of content at their disposal but need a more efficient way to access it. Treycent helps them do just that. Capturing just a small piece of the $50 billion global mobile app market would be incredibly lucrative for our company and shareholders.

We're taking a dual-pronged approach with the everyday consumer being our primary target market. Our consumer users are generally busy young professionals who are already tech-savvy and heavy device/app users.  They access lots of content both on device storage and the cloud, and use Treycent for the following things most often:

  • Retrieve personal photos and videos when hanging with friends and family
  • Retrieve notes and documents to make their daily lives easier
  • Play their favorite audio and video playlists via YouTube, SoundCloud, etc
  • Control their devices and apps with voice commands linked to IFTTT Recipes
  • Invoke their favorite Alexa Skills and ask general questions

After focusing our initial marketing efforts on the B2C side and gaining a critical user base there, we'll shift some of our focus to the B2B sector. Specifically, we will hone in on large to mid-sized firms that have already developed Alexa Skills or are looking to create one. With an Alexa Skill integrated with Treycent they will be able to:

  • Allow their customers to access service and product information by voice
  • Help improve productivity by providing employees with voice access to business information and shared knowledge

8The Treycent Difference

Sure, the names we're up against are nothing to thumb your nose at but the reality is that their technologies are still limited, and that none of them really stands as a solution that users can't live without.  At Treycent, we're filling the voice between public and private sources of content:

We let you customize, so you can get what you need.

Outside of Amazon Echo, the other competing solutions only retrieve content that's readily available in public domain.  Treycent lets users retrieve private content that their devices and numerous apps hold using custom-made voice commands. This means that, from a single app, users can retrieve documents from OneDrive or Google Drive, videos from YouTube or Vimeo, control their smarthome devices using IFTTT or Zapier, etc.

Future Development

Continued technological development is the central to our growth and we'll look to accomplish the following:

Improved Apple apps - The next major update to our iPhone, Apple Watch and web apps will include the addition of Alexa support.

Website improvements - We will transition the Treycent website from an introductory, "beta"-like site into a fully functional and informative web platform.

Other verticals - We will continue to be on the lookout for narrower industry verticals that could benefit, in the grand scheme, from a solution like ours.  We can tweak our technology in order to specifically suit these industries - opening up a significant additional revenue stream for us.


Mr. McSwain has operated Treycent on a shoestring budget to date - spending minimally on marketing and unnecessary luxuries while still netting over 60,000 downloads.  Now, with exponential growth on the horizon, the time to seek outside assistance has arrived. For this round, we're seeking a total capital infusion of $25,000 in exchange for company equity. These funds will be the key factor in pushing Treycent towards mass market availability.  Already showing the ability to grow by 30-70 users per day, these funds will give us the flexibility we need in terms of marketing to help us our way towards 100,000 users on the Google Play Store by the middle of 2018. Looking further ahead, it will allow us to secure one major client to implement Alexa Skills and linked Treycent voice commands which will help us validate the B2B market.

Donald McSwain

Full Time
100% (Common)
  • Chaminade University

Donald McSwain is the Founder and CEO of Treycent.  Donald was a Software Engineer at Microsoft and worked on internet applications for 2 years and was a Software Engineer with Expedia for 4 years where he worked on internet travel applications. He was also a Systems Engineer with MITRE for 3 years where he worked on C3IS applications to aid in the military defense of South Korea.

Mr. McSwain is an innovative software engineer offering experience in the full software development lifecycle from concept through delivery of next-generation applications and customized solutions.  Expert in advanced development methodologies, tools and processes contributing to the design and rollout of cutting-edge software applications.  Known for excellent troubleshooting skills and able to analyze code and engineering.  His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences, January 1984, Chaminade University of Honolulu, Honolulu, HI

Marc Tarpenning

Full Time
  • University of California System

Marc Tarpenning is an advisor to the Company and works with the CEO on strategy.

Mr. Tarpenning was co-founded Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, CA to build electrical cars, and in 2006 introduced the Tesla Roadster, the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells. Mr. Tarpenning was VP in charge of the electrical engineering group and was CFO for several years. Mr. Tarpenning left the company in 2008.

Investment Goals:
Minimum Goal: $25,000
Maximum Goal: $100,000
Detailed Use of Proceeds: The Company will use the proceeds for marketing our Application, expanding the technology and adding more business capabilities. We currently have 60,000 downloads and believe we will break 100,000 with some marketing. This will then allow us to start getting revenue from advertisers.
Securities Offering:
Description of Security: Investors receive Common voting stock in the Company and benefit from the future sale of the business or if probable a ash dividend.
Name of Securities being sold: Treycent Common Stock
Security Type: equity
Via: Common Shares
Price Per Share/Unit: $1.00
Total Fully Diluted Existing Shares/Units:
Common (or LLC units) 1,000,000
Preferred 0
Options/Warrants, Other 0
Total Outstanding Shares 1,000,000
New Shares being Offered:
New shares being offered (Minimum Goal) 25,000
New share % (on Minimum Goal) 2.4%
New shares being offered (Maximum Goal) 100,000
New share % (on Maximum Goal) 9.1%
Investment Size:
Minimum Investment: $500
Investment Increments: $500
Maximum Amount per Investor: $
Website location for Annual Report:
Transfer Agent: By company attorney
Security Restrictions:

As an early stage company our stock is only suitable for persons or entities that can afford the risk of losing their entire investment. Financial conditions and operating results could be adversely affected by any of a number of unknown and unforeseeable factors.  Additional risks and uncertainties not currently known, or that are currently thought of as immaterial, may also impair business operations.  An additional risk relates to minority ownership by Investors. Having a minority interest limits an Investors ability to make any decisions and all investors should consider this risk and assess their confidence in the management team to make prudent decisions in the interest of all stakeholders. 

The Securities may not be transferred by any investor during the one-year period beginning when the Securities are issued, unless the Securities are transferred: (i) to the Issuer; (ii) to an “accredited investor” as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D; (iii) as part of an offering registered with the SEC; or (iv) to a member of the family of the investor or the equivalent, to a trust controlled by the investor, to a trust created for the benefit of a member of the family of the investor or the equivalent, or in connection with the death or divorce of the investor or other similar circumstance. In addition, there is no ready market for the sale of the Securities and it may be difficult or impossible for an investor to sell or otherwise dispose of the Securities. Furthermore, the investors are not permitted to assign the Securities without the Issuer’s prior written consent.

Issuer Legal Name: Treycent, Inc Company type: C-Corp
State of Incorporation: Florida Year Founded: 2016
Contact Name: Donald McSwain Title: President
Address: 7431 Roebelenii Ct
City: Sarasota State: Florida
Zip Code: 34241 Country: US
Company Website:

Security Offering


Price per share/unit: $1.00
Min investment amount:  $500
Min % of company: 2.4%
Max % of company: 9.1%

About the Founder

Donald McSwain
Sarasota, Florida
Former Software Engineer @Microsoft, @Expedia, and @MITRE
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Project Deadline: 04/15/2017

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