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1We can make a Difference

There’s an estimated 60 billion dollars in settlement claims money each year. Only 3% of that is transferred to property owners. The rest is left on the table. Claims Detectives will help property owners get the settlement they are entitled to and help public adjusters close more claims each year.

Most consumers don't know what a Public Adjuster is and that they can call them to help file and settle most property insurance claims. Based on history if you call a Public Adjuster you are more likely to get a bigger property insurance settlement.

Our goal is simple; We plan to be the first number you call when you need to file a property damage claim.   Our licensed and bonded experts will immediately go to work for you. 

Claims Detectives will take the guess work out. We plan to grow awareness for public adjusters and the options property owners have when they need to file a claim. Contact us and we will set you up with a public adjuster and you’ll be on your way to getting the settlement you deserve.

Our challenge will be spreading awareness for the public adjuster option. An aggressive marketing and awareness campaign will be required to inform property owners that they can contact the Claims Detectives and after only a few minutes, find out they can get over 550% more back on their claim. 

2550% More on your Claim...

In Florida, the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (“OPPAGA”) says if property owners hire a Public Adjuster to represent them with their insurance company property claim they could make, on average, 574% more on their property claim opposed to doing it themselves.  Public Adjusters are commission based, licensed by each State’s insurance commission, bonded and insured.

And, even after paying the average 18% public adjuster commission, property owners could still make, on average, more than 550% more on their property claims opposed to doing it themselves.

3The Problem and the Solution

The problem is the lack of awareness by property owners with property claims that public adjusters exist.  95% of property owners with property claims represent themselves not using public adjusters.

The solution to this problem is outsourced image & brand building awareness campaigns including TV, radio, Internet direct response and social media promotion.  Consumer awareness is the key to solving our problem.

Look at GEICO – GEICO started as a small Government Employee Insurance Company spending aggressively on awareness campaigns through outsourced advertising, image and brand building firms informing people ‘If you give us 15 minutes you could save 15% or more on your car insurance’ and it worked.

We will use similar outsourced firms like those used by GEICO to solve the public adjuster awareness problem informing property owners they can make, on average, more than 500% on their property claim, as opposed to doing it themselves, by using a Claims Detectives public adjuster.

4Branding Campaign

A Boston area bus driver comes home at the end of a snow filled stressful day to find the wall heater in his home caught fire shorting out the electricity, his home filled with smoke and his family frightened, wrapped in blankets and cold is a frightening experience. Typically, this homeowner doesn’t know what to do.

In Florida the Office of Program Analysis & Government Accountability (“OPPAGA”) reported that an insured individual could make on average 574% more on their claim using the services of a commission based, licensed and bonded public adjuster, like The Claims Detectives public adjusters, opposed to personally managing their claim.  (Example a $2000.00 claim with a 574% increase would yield $11,480.00)

Public adjusters represent 5% or $3 billion out of the $60 billion (via the Insurance Information Institute) in annual U.S. property damage claims against insurance companies, that’s a problem for property owners and a blessing for insurance companies - the problem to solve is one of public adjuster recognition.

The facts are in favor of each property claim against their insurance company being represented by an independent public adjuster.

The Claims Detectives’ image and brand building campaign can state:

Give The Claims Detectives 15 minutes and you could receive 550% more on your property damage claim as opposed to doing it yourself”.


5Proprietary Software

This is the story of The Claims Detectives Insured Solutions Management tool…

Ensuring the smooth transition of property damage claim information from Claims Detectives’ public adjusters in the field to The Claims Detectives Atlanta hub settlement professionals is the schematic design for The Claims Detectives’ proprietary Insured Solutions Management tool (the “ISM”).  ISM’s proprietary design replaces the multitude of independent software tools rented each year by all public adjusters. These rented software tools are required for property damage claims settlement, but fail to communicate entered information between software tools forcing public adjusters to enter and reenter the same information repeatedly – often creating entry errors.  ISM information is entered once and shared throughout the entire Claims Detectives system via the Cloud to and from connected Claims Detectives proprietary hardware.

ISM’s creation enables Claims Detectives public adjusters in the field to efficiently provide all necessary property claim information to our Atlanta hub staff for final settlement. The ISM process frees up The Claims Detectives public adjuster employees by handing off the “heavy lifting” required in settling and processing property damage claims to The Claims Detectives Atlanta hub settlement professionals.  This hand off enables our public adjusters to work less and make more money as they are free to work on many more claims at one time.

6Growth Plans

The Claims Detectives projected national expansion plans which begins at the Atlanta hub with growth projected by adding offices and public adjusters in increments of 100 miles from Atlanta growing in a logical geographic pattern. Growth requires expanded image and branding campaigns using traditional local media, like “Give The Claims Detectives 15 minutes and you could receive 550% more on your property damage claim opposed to doing it yourself” as well as outsourced services of innovative crowd marketing campaigns informing and building a nationwide property owner customer base

7Investment Opportunity

An investment will come with two main benefits:

Benefit 1 – A “First Promise to Pay” - Profit Sharing. The Company will retain the first $2M in profits and then pay out 75% of all profits to our Preferred Stock investors until each has been paid 10 times (10X) their original investment. 

Benefit 2 – Ownership in the Company.  Your stock purchased represents ownership in the Company and you will benefit from any future sale of the Company.


8Thank You

My team and I have been in the claims adjustment business for many years.  During that time, we have seen firsthand how people who use Public Adjusters receive higher claims settlements and are less stressed out because they have a licensed professional advocate to represent their interest. Even today, many people hit by major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Sandy from recent years are still trying to settle with insurance companies.  The common practice by most insurance companies is to delay, deny and defend the settling of insurance claims. We believe we can change this and become a national brand.  When consumers have a property damage claim they can call us first and we immediately start working on their behalf to get the highest settlement as quickly as possible.  Our staff of adjusters, lawyers and professionals will be there to support them through every step and unlike consumers we know what they should be receiving every time.

I hope you will join us as an Investor to help us build this unique company designed to help consumers nationwide.  Our business helps to solve a great social injustice.

Byron Holmes, CEO

Byron Holmes

Full Time
75100% (Common)

Byron is a licensed and bonded Public Adjuster and Independent Adjuster. Byron has over 10 years experience in commercial and residential property insurance adjusting.  Byron is an expert at assessing and estimating all types of property damage and is known for negotiating maximum property damage settlements on behalf of his clients. Byron is also certified in Water Damage Restoration (WTR) by the IICRC. He utilizes this certification to coordinate and manage water damage demolition and restoration on behalf of his clients.  Byron is also an expert in utilizing estimating software to write professional estimates.



President/CEO, Marietta, GA, November 2016 to Present, The Claims Detectives, Inc.

Founder and visionary of public adjustment company providing claims advocacy for commercial and residential property owners. Responsible for the leadership and vision of the company. Run the day to day operations of company.   

Director of Adjustments, Marietta, GA, December 2011 to November 2016 Marietta Adjustment Services of Georgia, LLC

Public adjustment company providing claims advocacy for commercial and residential property owners. Develop revenue streams with contractors.  Responsible for assisting public adjusters settle and maximize property damage claims for company’s clients.  Duties includes interpreting home owners and business owners’ property insurance policies.  Negotiate with insurance companies to maximize claim settlements.  

President/CEO/Project Manager / Estimator, Marietta, GA, June 2005 to Present, Storm Damage Professionals

Runs the day to day operations of company.  Manage construction projects, and order all building materials needed to complete construction projects.   Negotiate pricing with suppliers to obtain optimal cost for building materials. Prepare repair estimates and interprets estimates for clients.  Knowledge of repair practices, and structural design.

Alan King

Full Time
  • University of Georgia


Owner / Consultant (2004 – present)

  • King & Son Consulting, Inc. (dba; Alan H. King Consulting)
  • Contract:  American Leak Detection
  • Contract:  SEI Consulting – Johnson & Johnson - Ethicon   

Partner & Senior Consultant (1992-2004)

  • Mescon & King Consulting, Inc., HA&W Mescon Group, LLC, The Mescon Group, Inc.

United Technologies Corporation - Pratt and Whitney Aircraft (1973 – 1992)

  • Internal Consultant and Change Manager, Human Resources / Training & Development, Methods Engineer, Research and Development Laboratory, Tool & Die Apprentice, Machinist Apprentice


  • Master of Science in Administration & Organization Psychology; University System of Georgia
  • Bachelor of Science, Organization Psychology; Columbus State University 

Marvin Johnson

Full Time
Description of Education:
Harper College, Arcitect
  • Air Force


Marvin Thomas Johnson Company        Present

  • Building Consultant, Appraisal and Umpire Services,  Xactimate Certified Estimator, Level 1 Certified Thermographer, FEMA Contractor

Epic Group Public Adjustor      2003 - 2010

  • Senior Public Adjuster, Large Loss Specialist

Service Plus Restorations         1999 - 2003

  • General Contractor, Fire & Water Restoration

Crawford & CO.                          1992 - 1998

  • Independent Adjuster, Catastrophe Team  

Paul Davis Systems                  1989 - 1992

  • Solicitor / Estimator


Military Experience: Air Force Reserves, Civil Engineer  1972 - 1978

Education:  Harper College  -  Palatine, Illinois •  Architect 1996

Investment Goals:
Minimum Goal: $25,000
Maximum Goal: $100,000
Detailed Use of Proceeds: The Company will be using the proceeds to expand operations in Georgia and surrounding states, build proprietary software and begin offering services to the public. Some of the proceeds may be used to begin a larger stock offering for more expansion.
Securities Offering:
Description of Security: The Company is offering Preferred stock with Profit Sharing. After retaining $2M, 75% of profits will go the preferred shareholders until 10 times your investment is paid out.
Name of Securities being sold: Preferred Non-voting stock
Security Type: equity
Via: Preferred Shares
Price Per Share/Unit: $100.00
Total Fully Diluted Existing Shares/Units:
Common (or LLC units) 75,100
Preferred 0
Options/Warrants, Other 0
Total Outstanding Shares 75,100
New Shares being Offered:
New shares being offered (Minimum Goal) 250
New share % (on Minimum Goal) 0.3%
New shares being offered (Maximum Goal) 1,000
New share % (on Maximum Goal) 1.3.0%
Investment Size:
Minimum Investment: $300
Investment Increments: $100
Maximum Amount per Investor: $
Website location for Annual Report:
Transfer Agent: By company attorney
Security Restrictions:

As an early stage company our stock is only suitable for persons or entities that can afford the risk of losing their entire investment. Financial conditions and operating results could be adversely affected by any of a number of unknown and unforeseeable factors.  Additional risks and uncertainties not currently known, or that are currently thought of as immaterial, may also impair business operations.  An additional risk relates to minority ownership by Investors. Having a minority interest limits an Investors ability to make any decisions and all investors should consider this risk and assess their confidence in the management team to make prudent decisions in the interest of all stakeholders. 

The Securities may not be transferred by any investor during the one-year period beginning when the Securities are issued, unless the Securities are transferred: (i) to the Issuer; (ii) to an “accredited investor” as defined in Rule 501(a) of Regulation D; (iii) as part of an offering registered with the SEC; or (iv) to a member of the family of the investor or the equivalent, to a trust controlled by the investor, to a trust created for the benefit of a member of the family of the investor or the equivalent, or in connection with the death or divorce of the investor or other similar circumstance. In addition, there is no ready market for the sale of the Securities and it may be difficult or impossible for an investor to sell or otherwise dispose of the Securities. Furthermore, the investors are not permitted to assign the Securities without the Issuer’s prior written consent.

Issuer Legal Name: Claims Detectives Company type: C-Corp
State of Incorporation: Georgia Year Founded: 2016
Contact Name: Byron Holmes Title: President
Address: 421 Bloombridge Way
City: Marietta State: Georgia
Zip Code: 30066 Country: US
Company Website:

Security Offering


Price per share/unit: $100.00
Min investment amount:  $300
Min % of company: 0.3%
Max % of company: 1.3.0%

Added Benefit

Profit Sharing
In Addition to Stock, Shareholders get profit sharing.

About the Founder

Byron Holmes
Marietta, Georgia
Project Audit Status
Proof of Identification:
Representative of your Financial Reports:
Corporation or LLC Certificate:
Tax Form IRS W9:
Copies of 2 years of tax returns:
Financial Statements:
Business Plan:
Project Deadline: 06/15/2017

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