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1REvolve Partners, LLC

REvolve Partners is a seasoned team of real estate development professionals who have come together to help reshape the real estate landscape in the City of Boston. REvolve acquires distressed properties with value-add potential, updates them, and gets them back to market as rentals or retail condominiums in less than 12 months. Investor partners benefit when profits are realized on each property purchase. Buy and hold properties produce monthly cash flow and equity over time, while condo conversion projects create large profits after each project is complete.  The team has been working independely on projects and has come together to create REvolve and introduce this investment opportunity.  

The population in the city of Boston has grown over 23% in the last decade, however the housing inventory has decreased 2% during the same period according to recent NYU report.  This discrepancy has led to huge demand for quality rentals and updated, modern condominiums.  Before  working together on REvolve, we acquired 6 buy and hold properties and 8 condo conversions in the Boston area.

2Our Expertise

Many people see real estate investing as a great opportunity.  However, doing it on your own can be a challenge and some times risky.  Hands-on real estate investing requires market research, inspections, bank loans and mortgages, contract negotiations and risks that few people want to take on willingly. Additionally, it requires more money and time commitment than other investment options. Putting 20% down payment on a rental property or fronting financing, rehab and carrying costs for a flip can really put a dent in someone's savings. 

With our offering more investors can participate in diversified, high equity assets in high-growth markets with as little as $500. We believe everyone should have the option of investing in real estate and, with an investment minimum of $500, our offering creates this access.  Real estate development is our expertise and our team has the acquisition, arcitectual skills, construction experience and knowledge to maximum profits on a transaction.

3Investor Benefit 1: Interest on your Investment

The term of an investment is for 36 months.  Which may be extended should we have properties which still need to be sold at the end of this time.

All investors receive a cumulative, but non-compounded, preferred return, on your investment amount at a fixed rate, per year, equal to five percent (5%) simple interest to be paid annually. As an example of the  return, for an investment of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) the investors will receive and annual interest payments of five hundred dollars ($500).

4Investor Benefit 2: Profit Sharing

The exciting part of the investment opportunity is Profit Sharing and the reason most people want to invest in real estate.

The company will use the funds from this offering as a down payment to acquire real-estate and for renovation costs.  The standard model is to borrow money from banks or private lenders to fund the balance of the acquisition costs.

The intent is for the investment to maintain positive cash flow throughout the entirety of its life cycle and a maximum amount of profit is passed through to the investors by virtue of the order of payment of expenses, that being gross sale proceeds, less project expenditures as determined necessary solely by the Company, and investor profit distribution allocations being made excluding any deduction for ordinary corporate expenditures not specifically deemed a project cost. The operating model is structured so that investor returns (accrued interest + 10% profits) are placed in escrow as soon as a project is complete. At that same time, the remaining income is distributed to the partners (recorded as "management fees"). The Jumpstart Micro Portal success fee is the only non-investment related expense debited against this capital raise.  All other general expenses (such as marketing costs, accounting costs, professional fees, etc.) are then paid by Revolve Partners, and not from investor profit distributions. This approach ensures maximizing value for investors by investing as much of the raised money as possible.

Distribution to Investors: Investors shall receive on an annual basis 5% interest on the Debt Security and will also receive on a pro rata basis a distribution derived from the 10% profit pool allocated for investors funded by the cumulative total of the net profits received from income earned from operating / managing buy and hold properties and selling condo conversions

Typical model - This is only an example and is not a statement of the return on Investment.

Estimated Project Summary (note 1)

Typical Condominium Project

Acquisition Costs


Renovation Costs


Carrying Costs (9 - 11%)


Project Duration

9 to 15 months

Average Net Profit (note 2)


Estimated Annual Summary (note 3)

Typical Buy and Hold Project

Acquisition Costs


Gross Rental Income (note 4)


Operating Expenses


Debt Service


Total Net Rental Income



  1. Condominium project data based on history of six (6) projects over the past two (2) years
  2. Net profit calculated based on condominium sales at 75% of approximate resale value
  3. Buy and Hold project data based on history of four (4) projects over the past two (2) years
  4. Gross rental income assumes 6% rate of vacancy and rental income rates at 90% of approximate market value

Between the annual rate of return and Profit Sharing we are anticipating a return of over 20% to investors.  However, there are many risk factors that every investor must consider.  The real estate market could shift into a recession, interest rates could rise which decreases values and other forseen and unforseen risks.  Please download our Offering Statement to the right and read all risk disclosures.  INVESTORS NEED TO READ ALL RISK DISCLOSURE IN SEC FILED OFFERING STATEMENT . 

5The Boston Real Estate Market

The residential real estate asset class is a $29 trillion market according to zillow. There's a lot of untapped potential to grow one's wealth with the right opportunities. Investing in real estate provides control over investment decisions by committing capital into tangible assets. Real estate is less volatile than the stock market especially in economically strong regions where investors are more insulated from the national and global economy. Investing in cities such as Boston provides peace of mind where in the recent economic recession they fell the least, recovered the soonest and gained the most. Moreover, since 2000, real estate has outperformed the stock market approximately 2-to-1, returning 10.71 percent annually compared with a 5.43 percent annual total return with the S&P 500 Index (range from Dec 31, 2000 – Dec 30, 2016). 

6Our Process

The first $200,000 raised will be used to cover the down payment and acquisition costs of, at least, one buy and hold and one condo conversion project. Accumulated annualized interest will start as soon as the raise is successful. Specific milestones are project dependent. Generally speaking those include architectural plans and permit approvals by the city building department (1-2 months), construction (4-6 months), finish and final certification (2-3 months), marketing and sales (1-2 months) and finally closing and dispersment of principle, accumulated interest and 10% profit sharing (1 month).  

7Rolling Closes

Once we reach $200,000 in this offering we will close on the funds and start acquiring real estate.  At each additional increment of $100,000 raised we will close on that new capital and put it to work right away.  Once we receive investments the Promissory Note will be issued to the new group of investors and interest will begin to accrue.  

8Thank You

Thank you for your intest in REvolve Partners.  We are very excited to be launching this new business and working with investors who have confidence in us and our vision.  I hope you will read more about our team on the management page and download the SEC Offering statement (Right side Column) to see our full story.  

Best Wishes,

Khadijeh, Doug and Peter

Khadijeh Hindi

Full Time
Managing Partner
33.33% (LLC)
  • Hult International Business School
  • University of Akron
Description of Education:
PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, MBA with a finance and entrepreneurship concentration

Khadijeh Hindi is managing partner and co-founder of REvolve Partners and has been working in real estate for the past 5 years. Khadijeh's primary responsibility with the company is in the planning and ongoing oversight and management of construction processes. She also oversees marketing efforts and leads ongoing materials procurement negotiations that enable the firm to stay competitive with its pricing.  Her acute attention to detail allows her to plan the architectural and interior design of every project to bring together luxurious living spaces for affordable prices. Khadijeh holds a PhD in Chemistry and Masters Degree in Business Administration and resides in Boston, MA.

Doug Medvetz

Full Time
Managing Partner
33.33% (LLC)
  • University of Akron
Description of Education:
PhD in Chemistry

Doug Medvetz is managing partner and co-founder of REvolve Partners and has been working in real estate for the past 5 years. Doug has an expansive knowledge of local real estate markets and a keen ability to identify underlying value in real estate assets. Day to day, Doug is responsible for identifying, analyzing and negotiating acquisition and development opportunities. Additionally, Doug is tasked with working with the company's many debt partners in placing debt within the various project's capital structures. With a PhD in Chemistry and training in Cancer Biology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Doug has a unique analytical ability to analyze deals and execute projects efficiently and profitably. Doug currently resides in Boston, MA.

Peter W. Bartash

Full Time
Managing Partner
33.34% (LLC)
  • Roger Williams University
Description of Education:
Masters in Architecture

Peter W. Bartash is managing partner and co-founder of REvolve Partners and has been working in the private real estate industry for over 7 years. He oversees corporate operations and investor relations to ensure the strategic objectives of the company are fully aligned with the diverse needs of its investors. Prior to founding REvolve Partners, Peter served as an Associate Principal at a mid-sized Northeastern architectural firm specializing in design and planning for privatized real estate development, where he earned a reputation for having thoughtful creativity, a solid focus on the bigger picture and an ability to execute. He holds M.Arch and B.Arch degrees from Roger Williams University and currently resides in Boston, MA.

Investment Goals:
Minimum Goal: $200,000
Maximum Goal: $1,000,000
Detailed Use of Proceeds: We are raising a special purpose fund with a minimum of $200,000 and a maximum of $1,000,000 at a 36 month minimum investment term. The minimum raise will be used as downpayment for one high-equity real estate asset. Any amount raised above the minimum raise will be used to acquire additional properties. In addition, as sales are made, profits are distributed and new projects are started with the funds.
Securities Offering:
Description of Security: Promissory Note with 5% interest and Profit Sharing of 10% on each project to the CF group of investors.
Name of Securities being sold: Debt Instrument, Promissory Note with profit sharing
Security Type: debt
Via: Debt – Interest only with Balloon at Maturity
Annual Interest Rate %: 5
Term (Months): 36
Investment Size:
Minimum Investment: $500
Investment Increments: $50
Maximum Amount per Investor: $
Website location for Annual Report:
Transfer Agent: Revolve Partners
Security Restrictions:
Issuer Legal Name: Revolve Partners LLC Company type: LLC
State of Incorporation: Massachusetts Year Founded: 2017
Contact Name: Khadijeh Hindi Title: Managing Partner and Co-founder
Address: 1295 Beacon Street PO Box 491
City: Brookline State: Massachusetts
Zip Code: 02446 Country: US
Company Website:
$1,000 USD
$200,000 minimum goal
$1,000,000 maximum goal
2 Investors

Security Offering


Annual Interest rate %:    5
Term of Loan (months):    36
Other Details:   
Debt – Interest only with Balloon at Maturity

Added Benefit

Profit Sharing
The CF Investor Group receives 10% of all profits

About the Founder

Khadijeh Hindi
Brookline, Massachusetts
Project Audit Status
Proof of Identification:
Representative of your Financial Reports:
Corporation or LLC Certificate:
Tax Form IRS W9:
Copies of 2 years of tax returns:
Financial Statements:
Business Plan:
Project Deadline: 11/30/2021

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