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My name is Fabio Villari.  I recently launched an App for iOS, which is called TravelBook. You can view it by following the link below.  TravelBook App is a social media platform for travelers. Just by creating a trip on the app you can easily meet and get in touch with other travelers that share the same destination as you. You can share pictures, information and make friends before you embark on your journey. TravelBook App can introduce you to fellow travelers who are traveling during the same time to the same destination. This means you can contact travelers with similar interests before or during your adventure and socialize or meet with them during your travels.

TravelBook App was launched in late February and currently has more than 300 users, simply by word of mouth, without any advertisement.  The app is ready for rapid expansion and I’m looking for investors to join me as I build TravelBook App into the number one social network for travelers.  My study of the market shows that TravelBook App is unique and with the right marketing, we can rapidly grow the number of downloads, build a worldwide social network and attract advertisers to create revenue.  For advertisers, the travel market is very strong and we can promote ads by location and other user demographics, making this very appealing to advertisers. 

With your investment, I can expand TravelBook App with more features, an Android version and effectively market us in all the right places.  The company overhead is very low and investments will be used to expand rapidly.  Long term, I believe we will generate profits which can be distributed to shareholders at the right time and we will become an acquisition target by leading companies in the travel industry.

I hope you will join me on this venture as an Investor, and member of the TravelBook App community.

Fabio Villari, CEO

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Fabio Villari
Brooklyn, New York
My name is Fabio Villari, i am italian and 35 years old.. I am a very motiveted stubborn guy. Whenever i want something i make sure i get it..
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