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MB Fantasy Football League, Inc. Going to market Online Services


Do you love Fantasy Football AND March Madness? 

Now is your chance to own stock in a new and exciting fantasy football company!

There are literally tens of millions of fantasy players, but by and large they remain an unconnected unit.  With Millionaire Bracket Fantasy Football League (MBFFL™), we not only offer exciting game play with chances to win top prize money with favorable odds, but this gameplay is encompassed within a social media platform, bringing fantasy players under one roof.

Players can sign up for free and receive their own page within this community.  Once there, players can interact with other players and celebrities, chat via message boards and direct messaging, and even customize and brand their own fantasy franchise, which includes designing their very own team helmet. Advertisers will be connected to players and celebrities.

MBFFL™ is an online gaming experience that capitalizes on the phenomenal growth of daily fantasy football with March Madness bracket gameplay. MBFFL™ also serves a secondary purpose of bringing all fantasy football players together in a dynamic and fluid social media platform.

For investors, the MBFFL™ site is completed and the Company is raising money to launch the business in 2017.

Here is what you receive for each $300 investment

  • Benefit 1: A "Promise to Pay" Profit Sharing
    • Once the Company reaches a $2 million net profit reserve, the holders of Preferred Shares will, as a group, be entitled to receive seventy-five percent (75%) of any and all quarterly net cash flows generated by the business in excess of that $2 million reserve, i.e. dividends. Preferred shareholders will continue to receive 75% of quarterly net cash flows until each of the preferred shareholders have received an aggregate amount of dividends equal to ten times (10x) their initial investment.
  • Benefit 2: Ownership in the Company through Preferred stock at $100 per share. 
    • If the Company is sold, the Preferred Shareholders will, as a group, be entitled to receive ten percent (10%) of the net proceeds from such sale.
  • Benefit 3: 2 Free Entries for the 2017 NFL Season on MBFFL ($300 value)
    • Each entry into the Millionaire bracket is $150. Double your odds on winning the million-dollar challenge in addition to the 10x return on your investment!

MBFLL™ was started by Georgia attorney Charles E. Taylor who has always enjoyed the excitement and draw it had on him and his friends.  There are very few times in the year that generate as much excitement as the start of the fantasy football season!

Some time ago, Charles joined FanDuel and realized there was a plethora of games across all sports.  However, after playing these games, Charles realized that, while fun, the chances of winning any money were EXTREMELY LOW.  First, the sheer number of entries that he had to outscore was significant.  Coupled with the fact that about 2% of players are categorized as "expert players" based on their experience and the information at their disposal.  What's more is that these "experts" can submit multiple entries, making it that much harder for the average Joe to compete.  One day, while watching the NCAA March Madness tournament, he realized the fantasy football playing field could be leveled by integrating the bracket concept and allow players to win serious money without having to best multiple players each week. This newly intergraded bracket model of one-on-one match ups allows players to win cash awards after winning only seven games rather than out scoring thousands of other teams. But not only that, it gives players knocked out of the Bracket League another bite at the apple by placing them in the Community League where players can win up to $25,000 per week. The fantasy bracket concept became the centerpiece of the MBFFL™ business model and provides for unparalleled investment opportunity in the well defined yet under-served space of fantasy football.

The goal of MBFFL™ is to capitalize on the ever-increasing popularity of fantasy football by providing a niche playing platform that offers better odds to win top prize money and a more interactive game play while also providing consistent and substantial financial returns for our investors.

Invest and tell your friends!

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Security Offering


Price per share/unit: $100.00
Min investment amount:  $300
Min % of company: 1.3%
Max % of company: 11.8%

Added Benefit

For each investment of $300, you receive 2 entries into the 2017 League! This is free play for 2017 and a $300 value.

About the Founder

Charles Taylor
Stockbridge, Georgia
I’m an Attorney and NFLPA Certified Sports Agent. Football is my passion! I intend to dedicate all my time to MBFFL to make it a big success!
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Project Deadline: 05/30/2017

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