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SMART RX SYSTEMS, INC. Generating revenue Technology


Before leaving the doctor’s office, fill your prescription quickly and safely and securely.

Our automated pharmacy kiosks improve how patients pick up prescriptions and create new revenues for doctor practices nationwide.

Smart RX Systems (SRXS) is focused on providing doctors, clinics, retail chain stores, pharmacies, and hospitals with all-inclusive, in office/store automated dispensing kiosks for prescription Pharmaceuticals.

Just as the ATM transformed the Retail Banking Experience, the Smart PharmAssist Kiosk will transform the Prescription Fulfillment Experience.

The days of driving to different location to wait in line for your prescription are over. The Smart PharmAssist Kiosks create solutions for a variety of problems in the industry. Such as:

  • Pharmacies have high fixed costs, high inventory, costs, and rising theft issues.
  • Patients are forced to drive to another location and wait in line.
  • Human error creates a lack of accuracy – current accuracy of dispensing is 94.5% nationwide
  • Doctors make less form insurance and Medicare or Medicaid, while doctor’s costs are rising.

How Smart RX can help:

  • Kiosks are currently located at the Point-of-Care and will soon be at Retail chain store locations.
  • No long waits
  • Individual, private transactions with pharmacist via patient interface from kiosk
  • Proven accuracy of 99.8%
  • 24/7 Pharmacist via video conferencing on mobile devise or User Interface at kiosk
  • Additional revenue stream for medical practices and medical facilities buildings to help with decreasing revenue, rising costs, and treatment payment cuts.

The Retail Pharmacy is a $300 billion market. We have partnered with a global automated pharmacy robotics manufacturer (“GAPRM”) who manufactures the Kiosks, and leases the machines directly to the healthcare provider, as well as install and maintain all Kiosks, thus giving us a rapid entry into the market.

Our Kiosks are currently installed at the point-of-care (“POC”) to provide convenience to patients. Physicians send the prescriptions electronically to our Kiosk, when the prescription is received at the Kiosk it is verified and processed by an onsite technician located at the kiosk, or a remote technician, and the prescription is automatically filled and dispensed in approximately two minutes.

We expect to have installed at least  25 TO 28 Kiosks in 2017 with each Kiosk producing between $700k to $1.6 million in annual prescription based revenues, not including revenues from our Wellness and Weight Program activities. 

The Company currently has more than $2M in cash on the books from the Founders who are committed to the success of the business.

For your investment of $1,000 in this CF Offering (100 shares):

We have structured your investment in our Series CF Secured Preferred to be purchased at $9.965 per share and redeemable at $14 per share, secured by the assets purchased by your investment, and have restricted all other redemptions to occur after your Preferred is redeemed, which we plan to redeem in our REG A planned offering later this year or early next year, depending upon how long it takes us to obtain the costs that filing and initial marketing.

We have provided the “kicker” of 35 shares of our Class CF voting common shares with each 100-share purchase of our Preferred, at Par Value of $0.0001 / share, or $0.0035 for the 35 shares, with a convertible feature of a 7X multiple when, and if, we execute our plan to file an IPO on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or CHX about a year after we complete at least $30mm in capital from our planned REG A Offering, or any other sources. That means the 35 Class CF shares you receive now would be converted into 245 shares of the listed IPO, with 245 votes.

The Class CF shareholders as a group are entitled to elect a member to the Board of Directors of SRXS. This is a benefit usually found only in offerings much larger than $1,000,000, because we want our new FCFO Shareholders to be represented and heard. Even if we only raise the MIN, the CLASS CF Shareholders are entitled to the Director election.

Your Class CF shares have preemptive rights to protect you until we provide liquidity event(s) and super-voting rights at the same 7X multiple, i.e., you have 7 votes/share now, or 245 votes for each 35 shares, and will have 245 votes with 245 shares after conversion.

We are looking for investors who share our vision of revolutionizing this industry and making visits to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions a thing of the past!

Visit us at:


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$52,000 USD
$220,000 minimum goal
$1,000,000 maximum goal
3 Investors

Security Offering


Price per share/unit: $10.00
Min investment amount:  $1,000
Min % of company: 1.2%
Max % of company: 5.2%

About the Founder

Clermont, Florida
CHAIRMAN & CEO majority shareholder SANTU ROHATGI - Vice Chairman/CFO MICHAEL SCILLIA - CORP SEC, 1of 6 ORIG. SHAREHOLDERS, , 43yrs IBK & VC exp.
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Project Deadline: 01/17/2022

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