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Investing in Real Estate Projects just got easier!

We are an experienced real estate development team in Boston and  have been renovating and flipping properties or holding them for cashflow in East Boston and the surrounding areas for the past seven years.  Our typical model is to acquire the property and use bank financing or private money for the renovation.  After learning about Equity Crowdfunding, we thought it would be a great opportunity to let smaller investors join us and limit their risk by letting the professionals (us) select the right properties and do what we do best.  Rather than helping banks make more money, we thought investors as small as $500 would love to participate.  Here is more about our story.

Our vision is to redevelop existing, distressed multifamily houses into updated, modern homes creating quality living in and around the city. Currently, there is a shortage of affordable, updated, modern housing in the City of Boston.  Because of its historic nature much of the current housing inventory is old and outdated, REvolve Partners has developed a systemized approach to acquiring, updating, and renting/selling distressed houses in the Boston market.  By creating these systems, we thoroughly understand our project timelines, budgets, and exit strategies for each property.

The population in the city of Boston has grown over 23% in the last decade, however the housing inventory has decreased 2% during the same period according to a recent NYU report.  This discrepancy has led to huge demand for quality rentals and updated, modern condominiums. Our team of local industry professionals identifies off market leads so that we can acquire distressed properties with value-add potential, update them with our contractor partners, and get them back to market as rentals or retail luxury condominiums in less than 12 months.

Our financial model is unique in that we make money on each house we purchase.  Buy and hold properties produce monthly cash flow and equity over time, while condo conversions create profits after each project is complete.  The equity from buy and holds and the profits from condos can be reinvested to continually grow our portfolio of opportunities.

REvolve Partners is a new partnership between the principals.  Currently, the principals own 6 buy and hold properties with a monthly cash flow of $6,375 and estimated net equity of $1,000,000.  They also own 8 condo conversion projects with a projected net profit of $1,500,000 over the next 9 months.  REvolve Partners is on track to purchase 3 buy and hold properties and 10 condo conversions over the next 12 months.

We are raising up to $1,000,000 at a 36 month minimum investment term. We withhold the right to extend the investment term by up to an additional 24 months (5% annualized interest will be applied on the additional time the principle is held). In return, REvolve Partners is offering 5% annualized interest plus 10% of the cash flow on buy and holds or 10% of the net profits on condo conversions as we plan to acquire both types of assets within this timeframe.  The proceeds will be used to cover down payment and acquisition costs of, at least, one buy and hold and one condo conversion every 12 months.

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$1,000 USD
$200,000 minimum goal
$1,000,000 maximum goal
2 Investors

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Annual Interest rate %:    5
Term of Loan (months):    36
Other Details:   
Debt – Interest only with Balloon at Maturity

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Profit Sharing
The CF Investor Group receives 10% of all profits

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Khadijeh Hindi
Brookline, Massachusetts
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Project Deadline: 11/30/2021

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