Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Highlight: Treycent

Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Highlight: Treycent

With the ever-growing amount of information we are storing on our computers and devices today, retrieving what we want when we want it can be time-consuming and extremely frustrating. Treycent is changing that.

The revolutionary new technology is changing the way we access data, allowing users to retrieve their favorite photos, notes, videos, and web pages on their computers, smartphones, and smartwatches quickly and easily via voice command.

With the app, users simply tag some content with a voice command then just speak the command whenever they want to retrieve it. App users
can also issue spoken questions to the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant and use spoken phrases to control IFTTT connected devices and apps.

With more than 50,000 downloads to date, gained mainly via word-of-mouth in just a few months, Treycent is proving itself to be an in-demand technology, and CEO, Donald McSwain is hoping to take the company to the next level by raising capital through equity crowdfunding. With the capital, McSwain plans to increase marketing to expand the user base and add additional server capacity.

“I’m really excited to be pursuing this new form of financing. We’ve already been able to gain significant traction in a short amount of time with very little financing, and I’m confident that with the support of the crowd we will be able to build a successful company,” says McSwain.

Learn more about buying stock in Treycent and helping the company grow by visiting its campaign.

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