Announcing Jumpstart Micro

Announcing Jumpstart Micro

Announcing Jumpstart Micro, One of the First Crowdfunding Portals Enabling Entrepreneurs and Investors to Take Advantage of New Regulations Under Title III of the JOBS Act

Boston, MA, May 16, 2016 – Today, Jumpstart Micro announces the launch of its new equity crowdfunding portal community that provides entrepreneurs, also known as issuers, a whole new way to raise money to fuel their businesses. Based upon the new SEC Regulation Crowdfunding rules, qualified issuers can raise up to $1 million per year to fund their ventures. At the same time, average Americans can now make small investments in promising non-public companies.

“The launch of Jumpstart Micro’s crowdfunding platform completely changes the game for entrepreneurs and investors,” said Stephen Catanzano, founder of Jumpstart Micro.

“Thanks to the new regulations, issuers finally have access to much-needed funding to help fuel and accelerate innovation across all industries, driving local economic development and job creation. Additionally, investors can now easily connect with entrepreneurs to explore investment opportunities that never existed for them previously. No longer do you have to be wealthy to consider small business investment; you can invest small amounts in businesses and ideas that really matter to you.”

The Jumpstart Micro platform enables any qualified company to join for free and follow a step-by-step process to create an offering to the portal’s investor community. This includes all of the tools for an issuer to effectively communicate their story and value to investors in an innovative way and enables them to develop brand ambassadors amongst the investor community. Once the process is complete, issuers are able to launch their offering, paying a small filing and success fee.

Similarly, investors can join Jumpstart Micro for free, determine how much they are qualified to invest under the regulations, develop a profile and see potential investment opportunities from committed entrepreneurs that align to their personal preferences and interests. From there, investors may pledge small investment amounts (as low as a few hundred dollars) and receive ownership certificates once the project reaches its target investment goal.

With Title III of the JOBS Act officially going live today, May 16th, 2016, Jumpstart Micro is one of the first equity crowdfunding portals to become a registered Funding Portal under Regulation Crowdfunding Title III 4(6)(a) with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and a Funding Portal member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) under the new rules. For more information about Jumpstart Micro and to join, visit

About Jumpstart Micro

Jumpstart Micro is an equity crowdfunding portal that brings entrepreneurs and investors together like never before. Based upon the new Title III Jobs Act and Crowdfund Rules, Jumpstart Micro connects entrepreneurs who are seeking to raise up to$1M per year with a community of investors who are interested in making small investments for minority ownership in these promising new companies. For more information about Jumpstart Micro and to join, visit

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Important Disclosure: Jumpstart Micro, Inc is a Registered Funding Portal under SEC regulation Crowdfunding 4(6)(a) and a member of FINRA. Under the regulation, Jumpstart Micro acts as an Intermediary platform for Issuers (companies selling securities in compliance with the regulations) and Investors (individuals purchasing services offered by Issuers). Jumpstart Micro does not provide any investment advice or make any investment recommendations to any persons, ever, and at no time does Jumpstart Micro come into possession of Investor funds which are transferred directly to a bank escrow account. Please see disclosures. for more details.
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