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Jumpstart Micro is a unique Equity Crowdfunding Community built on the new America JOBS ACT Title III. This Act for the first time allows nearly anyone to invest in promising private companies based on the Investors income and net worth. Joining is free for Investors and Entrepreneurs Investors get to see all types of interesting products and services from any industry and at all stages of development from concept to operating businesses. This is a new kind of investing You can explore the site for interesting projects and receive periodic emails with projects that match your interest. Explore the company business plan, ask the founders questions, see what others are asking, favorite projects and make a small investment if you like what you see. It’s that simple. No one will ever call you and there is no obligation at all.

Come join the crowd and see what it’s all about!

Come join the crowd and see what it’s all about!

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Investors should weigh the risk of investing which includes the potential loss of investment and illiquid nature of non-public shares, please find more information on our disclose page

Investors should weigh the risk of investing which includes the potential loss of investment and illiquid nature of non-public shares, please find more information on our disclose page

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I would like to make small investments in cool, new companies.


Join for free to find unique investment opportunities.

Simple, easy process:
  • Step 1: Sign up and determine your investment goals.
  • Step 2: Create your profile and start seeing interesting ventures.
  • Step 3: Interact with entrepreneurs and JSM community.
  • Step 4: Pledge small investments in companies you like and receive your ownership certificate.

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Joining is free

Joining is free and you will be presented with interesting, fun and innovative projects from committed entrepreneurs. Help someone start a business, create jobs and strive for success!


Join Jumpstart Micro now, start raising capital and build your dream business

  • Step 1: Join for free and build your business plan.
  • Step 2: Launch when you are ready for a small fee.
  • Step 3: Take advantage of your fundraising page to market your new venture.
  • Step 4: Raise the money you need to start or grow your business.!

Join, build your business and live the American Dream!

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I'm an entrepreneur

I have a great business concept or startup but I really need funding to make it happen.

What do you need to start a business?

Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your customer and
have a burning desire to succeed.

Common Questions

What kind of businesses can get funded on Jumpstart Micro?
All types. Anything from a high tech startup, interesting new product to a local franchise or restaurant. This is one of the great benefits of the new title III JOBS ACT. We can bring back community based investing. In the old days if you wanted to start a restaurant, you got the community to invest and they became your best customers and advocates.
What are the requirements for a company to raise money using Jumpstart Micro?
  • You can join for free and start building your business plan.
  • To raise money, you need to be a U.S. legal entity which is a C-Corp, S-Corp or LLC. If you don’t have this already we can help to get you setup.
  • You also need to disclose information about anyone who owns more than 20% of your business and provide financial information such as tax returns and financial statements for the lesser of 2 years or the start of your company.
  • You will also need a business plan and financial projections. Once you join we walk you through all of the steps.
What are the requirements for an Investor?
  • Anyone can join as an Investor to see all types of opportunities
  • You provide your income and net worth, either as a single person or jointly with a spouse.
  • We calculate your annual investment allowance based on the JOBS ACT requirements
  • Minimum for anyone is $2,200 annually
  • If you make less than $107,000 we multiple 5% times the lesser of your income or net worth. Ex: If that is $107,000, you can invest up to $5,000 per year
  • If you make more than $107,000 then we multiple 10% times the lesser of you income or net worth. . Ex: If that is $200,000, you can invest up to $20,000 per year
Can I raise debt or equity and how is the valuation determined?
Yes, as the entrepreneur, you can decide if you want to offer debt or equity and what the terms of the offering are. We can provide some guidance and best practices. Regarding valuation, you determine the valuation and justification. This might be based on comparisons to other companies in your industry or the history of your company. Investors are smart and they tend of have a good sense of what something is worth and it’s potential. Be reasonable, and your chances of success increase.
Is it expensive to raise money on Jumpstart Micro?
No, we keep the costs low. You can join for free and build your plans over time. When you are ready, you submit your plan for review. Before you go live there is a small listing fee and if you are successful there is a success fee at the end. We also help you from beginning to end to keep legal and other costs low. Investors are charged a very small transaction fee with their investment to cover the bank processing costs.

A listing fee of $1,000 - $1,500 is charged to cover setup costs and bank escrow costs depending on the amount of money being raised. In addition, a success fee which is found in the disclosure statement.
Investors are charged a small transaction fee of $12
What’s local investing all about?
The goal of the American JOBS ACT is to help create jobs, and innovation. To accomplish this, Title III has opened the door for people to make small investments in promising companies. It’s not always about the next big tech company with a high valuation. Sometimes, it’s about investing in a local business, supporting your neighbor, helping your community and being able to effect the success of a business. If you invest in a local business, you will likely become a customer, tell your friends and help to make it a success.
How does Jumpstart Micro help me as an Entrepreneur?
We give you a place to effectively tell your story. The story includes your service or product, business plans, financials, management team, and future. We provide a step by step process to walk you through everything and to make your investment pitch. This includes guides and best practices on how to create awareness for your venture, video, graphics presentations and more. On the site you can respond to investor questions and interact, which we highly encourage.
How does Jumpstart Micro help me as an Investor?
The rules have changed and now anyone can consider making small investments in startup companies. Until now, this was limited to high net worth people, and other groups such as venture capital firms. This is not without risk. These are private companies and you should only consider investing what you can afford to lose. We don’t recommend or endorse any of the companies on our portal. Our job is to provide a place where investors can see opportunities, evaluate them and make investment decisions. We also ask questions about your interest and will send you periodic opportunities which we think may interest you. Click here to see a list of disclosures.
What happens if a company doesn’t reach its goal?
Companies can set a minimum and maximum target goal. Investors review everything and if they decide to invest, it’s as simple as clicking Invest Now and providing payment information. All investments go directly to a Bank Escrow Account within a short period of time. At no times does Jumpstart Micro handle any funds. The Escrow agreement tells the bank to hold the funds collected until the end of the fund raising which is when the maximum target or deadline is met. If the minimum is never met, all funds collected are returned to the investors.
Can I register as both an Entrepreneur and Investor?
Yes, you can, but you need to register using two different email addresses.
What’s a good strategy for a Company to raise money?

There is a misconception in the market that startups need to raise lots of money at high valuations. It wasn’t always this way, but a lack of capital available for startups has forced them to think big to attract venture capital.

Raise what you need to operate your business and reach milestones. Remember, you can raise up to $1,070,000 each year under Title III and raise more than once each year. For example, you might raise $100,000 to get to a prototype of your product at $2.00 per share. Then raise $250,000 6 months later at $4.00 per share. With each round and proof of reaching milestones and achieving success your business value has increased and you can raise more at a high valuation with less dilution on the current shareholders.

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Investors should weigh the risk of investing which includes the potential loss of investment and illiquid nature of non-public shares, please find more information on our disclose page.
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